Monday, October 27, 2008

OOPS! Word's Out!!!

Seylum Rhys

Edyn La Roux

Alaena Kennedy, Kidron Sage, and Braeden Chantel

Hunter Alexis

Sharaya Danee

(Baby is "Chillaxing" It has it's left leg crossed over the right, and the hands behind it's head. Too Cute :)

For all of you who are "wondering", Yes, we are having another baby. No, this baby was not in our plans, but it was in God's. We tried to keep this undercover as long as we could because we were having a hard time adjusting to the news and didn't want to have to deal with people and their negative comments, but some people took it upon themselves to share our news. Are we mad? Not at all. It was time to tell, seeing that I look like I was turning into a cow LOL.
Up until Saturday Oct 25,2008, I had cried a million tears. I wondered how I was going to care for another baby in the midst of our "home issues" and I had made a dedication to Sharaya's education over the next three years. We have been on a roll. (Go Sharaya!!! Mom is SSSOOO proud of all your HARD work. It will pay off baby. I promise you.) and taking care of another baby would make this a tad more challenging.
Along with living in a rental home with no furniture and sleeping on a air mattress has not made this easy either. God gives us strength to make it one day at a time.
I miss my old home terribly. It was so cute and cozy. I had it decorated (Thanks to my mom, who is an interior designer, and my sister who has such unique taste) just the way I liked it. Now, all my furniture is lost in my dream home, rotting in mold :( WHY Us ???? I ask myself. I don't know. But I do know - thanks to the peace of God - we will survive!!!. (This is the reason it took us a little longer to become excited about a new addition.)
So back to our new little one. Saturday, I went for a "fun" ultra/sound. Our baby was so cute, I couldn't help but get a little excited. Not that we have a choice, but I would LOVE another girl. Daddy is holding out for his son. However, last night (Sunday 10-26-08) after an INCREDIBLE service preached by Bro. Barry Clayborn, daddy said "you know, it would be really neat to have another girl". He is finally, coming around HA HA. But of course, we will welcome whatever God blesses us with. God makes no mistakes. And we will welcome this gift with open arms.