Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Busy Household

Well, instead of taking my Sunday afternoon nap, I've decided to update my long, lost, blog.
Life at our home has been busy! Starting with my hubby being laid off - ARGH! - and being home for the past three weeks. He has kept himself busy following some dreams and looking for a new job. God did bless him with an awesome new job. It will be quite a commute, but well worth it. It is located in the BEAUTIFUL Napa Valley. The one downfall is our insurance will be changing and there is a huge possibility we will have to find new doctors for Beau. This sickens us because we love the Sutter panel and Dr. Granger Wong. In the mean time, I've been busy with Sharaya and Hunter's home school. Just to give you an idea how busy we are, here is a peek into Sharaya's schedule. While most of Sharaya's peers are taking 4-5 classes, she is taking 12. Yes, 12. Two of which are college courses. She is taking Physics and CISA (Computer PowerPoint). Physics is tough for a 15 year old, but she has gotten A's in her Summer class and so far, in her CISA. She is an AWESOME, student, daughter, young lady, sister, and TRUE friend. I'm proud of her and her determination to achieve her dreams.
Hunter is taking 6 classes, and is very self motivated. There have been several nights that I would wonder where she is and I'd find her in her room working ahead in her studies. WOW!!! most kids are always behind in their work. Hunter, is always ahead of her age. One of her classes is guitar. Her guitar teacher, Mr. Miriam, is amazed at fast she is catching on. He had to pull out lesson #4 on her 3rd lesson. He said this was the first in his history of teaching that he's had to do this on a student who has never played before. She wants an acoustic guitar for her birthday. She already has a pink electric guitar but she explains that the acoustic is much better to learn on. Among her other qualities, she is very sensitive to others and their needs, loves to laugh, loves to make people happy, is beautiful on the inside and out, and is just as smart as her sister. I can't wait to hear what she will choose as her career. So far she can't decide between a Chef, or a Pediatrician. LOL. BTW she is an awesome cook. The first meal she ever prepared without the help of me was, beef tenderloin, green beans, french salad with home made dressing, corn oysters and dessert. Might I add, she was 11 yrs old! Not only was it yummy, the presentation was incredible - down to the beef tenderloin laying on a bed of leafy greens and lemons sliced to perfection.
Alaena, Braeden, and Kidron are in school everyday and have only 3 years left to be at home with me. YEAH!!!! I can't wait to have my girls home. Some parents can't wait to get their kids in school, but I dread it. I love having my kids home. If it weren't for me having so many kids, I'd home school from kindergarten on. But they are doing well in school and will remain in school until 7th grade.
Edyn is one of my most passive children. She is calm and quiet. She loves to play and have fun with her sisters, she rarely gets in trouble, and is great with the babies. She is getting so big. I'm enjoying having her home this one last year before she goes off to school next fall.
Seylum, oh what to say about Seylum??? A few words come to mind, ENERGY, Curiosity, Energy, and more ENERGY. From the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed (with no naps in between) she is into stuff. Anything she can reach, she touches and for those things she can't reach, well... there's always a chair or something to climb up on. She is the one child who'll keep me young in body and old in hair (gray). Gotta love her :)
Beaudrick, he's everything I've ever dreamed of. You can check his blog out at This lil' man is now crawling everywhere. There is no holding him back. I do believe he'll give Seylum a run for her money when it comes to attention. I can't seem to keep him and Seylum out of the Christmas presents. I've had to re-wrap 2 already. Speaking of which, am I the only one who is ready for Christmas? This is my favorite time of year. I want to enjoy it for more than 30 days, so I decorated Nov 1st. I play all my Christmas music and keep my lights lit so that the atmosphere is that of Christmas. I also like to keep my candles burning for the perfect aroma of sweet Holidays. If only I had time for the 2 new Harlen Coben books....