Monday, June 30, 2008

Me Time

At last, The girls are all safely tucked in bed and sound asleep. This is the part of the day where I sit down and sigh. AAAHHH!!! Never mind that it is after 2:00 in the morning and I have to be up by 6:30 so that I can drive Princess Sharaya to Senior Camp. This will be the first time I'm going as a counselor. I have to go so that I can make sure all the boys stay far away from her. Well, not really. I just think it would be neat to be there with her. Thank goodness my dear friend Yvonne is going with me, because I don't want to be in Sharayas space with her friends and Yvonne and I always have such a blast together. She is the best friend a girl could ever ask for. So I figured if Yvonne was there, she'd distract me from keeping too close to Sharaya.
Speaking of Sharaya, she is the Princess and the Pea kind of princess. I started waxing her eyebrows along with mine, after I was forking out 45 buck-a-roos every two weeks. I have to wax her brows in front of a mirror because she has to take a peak, every time I pull the cloth or tweeze what was left behind. If I get to close to her face, she gets a headache or some other kind of crazy sickness. I think she is allergic to me. As long as I stay 6 feet away she is fine. If I get 3 feet away, She starts feeling a heat wave come over her, unless we are wrestling, then she is fine. Just for the record, I can still take her down!!! HA HA However, we haven't wrestled since we moved into our small quarters, and now I have a bad back, but I don't want her to win, so I think we should keeping holding the match off. By the way, She is one tough cookie!!! As soon as Hunter gets a little tougher, I'll have to try and win her. Cant wait for a real home and a new opponent.
Hunter is my Snow White princess, she is always helping out with her younger sisters. She has surprised me by cleaning my whole house several times. Like I mentioned before, she is very sensitive. There was a time, where I was so stressed, my house was a mess, I wasn't feeling well, and I had a million things to do. As I ran my errands, Hunter took it upon her self to clean, and I mean dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, and scrub the house down. I wonder how she will react to the death claws of Mothers Waxing. HEHEHE!!! She has just 18 months left before we can find out.
Isn't it funny ( to all the moms out there ) how when we finally have time to ourselves, all we do is think about our kids? My sweet Honey and I always seem to talk about the cute, funny things our kids have done whenever we are alone together ( which isn't as often as I'd like it to be ). I guess this is because they are my life. I LOVE being a mom to all these girls even if it is pure craziness.
Quote for the day~ Children are a comfort in our old age, and they help you achieve it fast too ~

Friday, June 27, 2008

All the Princesses

This was the picture we used for our Christmas cards. I hope to show off a more updated picture soon. Our girls are ~Sharaya ~ Hunter ~ Alaena ~ Braeden ~ Kidron ~ Edyn ~ Seylum ~
My last blog, I asked my children to please not grow up to fast. I say this because, just last week my daughter Sharaya and I visited Mc Georges Law School. She has a plan that has her motivated to get through school and become a lawyer by age 22. We have talked to a few teachers and colleges and now we are pressing for that mark. And yes, it is possible for her to do this. I cant believe she is already preparing for college. My baby girl who is so beautiful inside and out. It seems like just yesterday she was placed in my arms and now she is taller than me. She has faced some hard times in her life, but she never complains and always keeps a good attitude. Unless, we are talking about her younger siblings who love to antagonize her. Then the craziness comes out of her. And she can be quite bossy to her younger sister Hunter. Hunter is becoming such a beautiful,little, lady herself. She has decided, that she wants to be a pediatrician. We think she would be very good at this because she is SSSOOO sensitive to others needs. How she puts up with such a bossy sister is beyond me. Maybe it is because she knows she is guilty of the same thing. And the list goes on....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

To all our Girls, please don't grow up to fast. Tomorrow will be here soon enough

I cant hear you!

So the other morning as I lay in bed, the phone begins to ring. I drag my tired body out of bed and answer the annoying thing. It is my Honey on the other end. He says "Good morning, were you sleeping?" I said "no just laying down" He said "Hold on I cant hear you, I need to turn you wwwaaayyy up. Ok, now I can hear. Were you sleeping?" As I giggled to myself, I cupped my mouth to the mouthpiece and Yep, you got it, I yelled "No I was just laying here". "OW" he said. We both began to laugh so hard. I bet that is the last time he tells me "I cant hear you" HA HA.
Speaking of, "I cant hear you, can you hear me?" How many of you are ready to go hands free on July 1, 2008? I think it is ridiculous. I can talk on the phone, hold a Starbucks, break up an argument with my kids and flip a U, in my tanker of a SUV, all at the same time. My husband is even more talented, he can check his emails on his laptop while driving 55 mph on a freeway. I think kids are a even bigger distractions then phones. What the Department of Safety (and sanity - might I add) needs to invent, is a child seat that can safely be attached to your luggage rack for the child or children who cant be quiet while I'm on the phone. It would be even nicer if they made the seats large enough to fit teenagers in it. I could just see it now, there I go, driving down the freeway with 7 girls attached to my roof in luggage rack seats. Now I can have a safe phone conversation. I will never have to worry about veering off the road again. Then again, I might miss out on all the funny conversations we share together in the SUV. I cant image life without my family. Next to God, they are all I live for. THANKS Girls, for being the best daughters in the world!! MOMMY LOVES YOU!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life with 7 princesses

When people find out I have 7 girls, they always ask "How do you do it?" The answer is, I really don't know. I love being a mom, but it can get quite chaotic with all the emotions flying around. At the moment, I have one daughter wearing another daughters shirt. They cant stop arguing about the tee. One daughter wants to wear it (and she has it on) while the other insist she takes it off NOW! Then I have another daughter who thinks she is a ballerina. As she twirls around so gracefully, she losses her balance and falls into a chair hitting her foot pretty hard. She is not sure if she should laugh or cry, she waits to see if I will react, I pretend to not see it, and she hobbles away with a frown. She then sits down and starts to giggle (these are the crazy, indecisive emotions we deal with.) Our 6 year daughter is somewhere outside this room, which can be scary. She loves to clean and organize. For most people, they'd think this is great, well it is, except when you go to find Excedrin for you husbands sever headache, and find it in the spice cabinet, or she cleans your mother-in-laws bathroom only to hear a shatter. Yep, she broke an aroma therapy glass bowl. OPPS!! My three year old is now coming in the room wearing her third outfit of the day and complaining about her older sister being mean. In the distance I hear one daughter telling her younger sister to leave her alone because she is trying to read, the 7 year old daughter sees this as the perfect opportunity to pester her so the argument begins. Thank God my infant is sleeping, However it wont last too long before one of the girls will wake her up. I guess the best way to handle the emotions is to tune it out and let them handle their own issues because in about 10 min. they will all be getting along again and all I'll hear is the joyous sound of childish laughter. Oh and for all of you who also like to ask "So are you finished, or will you try for your boy?" Well, the answer is "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies- The truth remains to be seen."