Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Crazy King

One thing about my King, is he is ALL MAN!. He fears very little things in life. He is never affraid to face things head on. Today, was no exception.
It all started yesterday when he lost his phone. He took our little twins out, and came home without his phone. I had tried calling him SEVERAL times with no luck. He never answered the phone. When I asked him about this, he said "oh, it must be in the car." Well, he was wrong. I txt his phone and continued to call it in hopes of some kind person wanting to return a lost phone. When no one answered, the King called the places he had been hoping someone had turned it in. No luck there either. He would have to wait until today because our dear, wonderful, phone company was closed.
Today started with a phone call to phone company. The King asked if any calls or txt had been made from his phone. Well, there had been. He asked what the numbers where that had been called (once again hoping he can talk to someone to get his phone). The phone company said "I'm sorry Sir. but that is private information. ????? Last time I checked, he paid the phone bill and the phone is in his name, Why is this private???? My King then questioned them on how this is possible. They said they were trying to protect him. They then said it is a FCC regulation that they can't give out that info. Let me inform you, the King had already give his personal pin # along with answering all the identity questions. He then asked what the FCC code was, he was told, they couldn't give out the code # either. The King was not very happy at this point.He decided to take matters into his on hands. OH NO!!!!! Now it gets CRAZY!!!
He hung up the phone and called back using a different tactic. He asked if he could have GPS locater on our plan. The rep said yes and that it would only take a few min to work. The next thing I know, my King comes running down the stairs with my phone and laptop in his hands saying " I gotta go, I just located my phone" I start saying "WAIT!!!! you cant go by yourself, call the cops to help you". He said he would, but then again, This is the King we are talking about. So as he leaves, I look at the time. it is 4:05 pm. That was the last I talked to him until 7:00 when he comes home with a big smile and his phone. This is what he did.
The King left our home a went to the PD. They said this was minor on their list of things to do. Dont you know there are seat belt tickets to be handed out? Forget the thefts. Well, he files a report and gets in his car. Once again he escalates this matter. He calls the Sheriff and informs them, he is on his way to get his phone back. He gives the address to where he is headed. They asked him how far away he was, he told them, and they said they would send someone. As he pulls up to the house, he decides he doesn't need any help, and approaches the home alone. He is very blunt, and lets them know he has traced his phone to that address. He tells them their name, just to let them know he is sure of his findings. The home owner stutters, and said they had tried to get a hold of us (YEAH RIGHT!) they ask him to come in. He can see through the door, the three men and teens in the home. The King having no fear, enters the home, and shuts the door. CRAZY!!! without the Sheriff even. They gladly return the phone, after having wiped it out of personal info. If they were really trying to return the phone, why didn't they answer the phone calls from me? Oh well, at least he got it back. I think with how mad he was, they were affraid to not give it back. LOL
This is not the first time my King has done something of this nature. The last time, it was over a bad check a women had written me, and he drove to the address to ask the man for the money. That is another story in itself.
I love my King, and am glad he is ALL MAN! He can care less if he breaks a nail, just don't mess with his stuff.
I LOVE YOU BABE :) and am happy to see the hand of protection on you. Even in the spiritual world, you fight like a man and never give up until you win. I'm proud of you and am glad to be on your soul mate. With a daddy like you, this little boy of ours will be all man too, even in a house full of women. However, I do like bowl cuts, and knickers LOL

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas

I most likely wont get around to wishing you all a Merry Christmas, so here it is - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Thank you to all of my friends who have been such a support to my family this year. We love you all and cherish our friendships.
Thanks to my Dad and Mom for sacrificing every Monday night for my and Darcies families. The meals have been awesome and the prayer meetings have been everything we have needed. I thank God for parents like you, who when you see a child is in need, you don't add more to the heavy load, but you get in the trenches with us and help us spiritually fight these battles. Without you, no telling where we would be. Your AWESOME. I love you both.
Speaking of my parents, they have once again given us a fabulous Christmas gift. Every other year, instead of giving gifts, we pack up and head to the snow. We always have a GRAND time and the memories we create will last us a lifetime. Just a question, what did you get for Christmas 5 years ago? Well, five years ago, we were sledding down the front lawn of our cabin. Even my Mom took a turn on the sled. Paul made an incredible snowman (it looked like a real man laying on the deck) and all the guys made a traditional snowman with a few extra details I wont mention LOL. We made mocha's and latte's every day and night with my then, new, Starbucks Machine. The kids made aprons (we still have them), thank you letters, and cookies, and we all had a merry ol time. I could give you details of our Christmas three years ago, but I don't want to bore you. The point is, even my kids can recall their times with the family these Christmas's. It is the perfect gift alternative. I look forward to another year of unforgetable memories. Merry Christmas All. We love you, and hope your New Year brings you peace, love, and a heart of gratitude.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Financial Miracle

The other night, while at church, our Wonderful Pastor asked who needs a financial miracle? As the congregation began to pray and I began to pray for our current situation - I felt a quickening in my spirit. I felt like God was telling me to step back from my problems and really count my blessings. I did, and this is what I found.
Miracle #1: Every night, as I lay my head on my pillow, I smile. Why? I don't have window treatments, pretty linens, night stands, dressers, pictures, or floral arrangements. All I have is one lawn chair, one rubbermaid-three-drawer-storage unit and a mattress set with sheets only. But after sleeping on a air mattress for five months and living in a travel trailer for five months, I cant help but smile, and feel like a queen. My bed may not be my adjustable, massaging, temperpedic bed, but, it is like sleeping on the clouds. What could be better than that?
Miracle #2: After eating dinner at a card table for 6 months (By the way, our card table seated 4 and let me remind you we are a family of 9), we were finally blessed with a bigger folding table that now seats all of us comfortably. Our first night we ate dinner at the new table, daddy began our family prayer. At the end, Braeden said "and thank you God for a table we can all sit down at". If you could had seen the looks on all our faces over a folding table, you would really know what a true miracle this is.
Miracle #3: Every year my Christmas Decoration have been elegant and beautiful. The colors have been just right, and the ornaments were from a unique shop, that only carries the best there is to offer. To me, Christmas was always a time of year to go WAY out, and dress up your home to its finest potential. This year, as I realized I had lost all my decorations, garlands, and upside down Christmas tree (Horchow if you'd like one) I began to rack my brain. Luckily for me, California Backyard, is going out of business and they had an upside down tree. And, it was 75% off. YEAH!!!! I bought my tree, and my girls made paper chains and hung candy canes from it. Wrapping paper was a little over budget, so I bought white craft paper (which you use for bulletin boards) and paper ribbon for bows. My princesses love our tree and have never complained that it is not of finer taste.
Miracle #4: I'm not embarrassed of what I don't have. In fact, we have felt more blessed while having way less. My childrens' attitude of gratitude is more than I could ever ask for. I have learned "the best things in life are not things at all"
We may not have wealth, but we have pure joy in the midst of our trials. And for me and my family, that is a financial miracle.