Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life with 7 princesses

When people find out I have 7 girls, they always ask "How do you do it?" The answer is, I really don't know. I love being a mom, but it can get quite chaotic with all the emotions flying around. At the moment, I have one daughter wearing another daughters shirt. They cant stop arguing about the tee. One daughter wants to wear it (and she has it on) while the other insist she takes it off NOW! Then I have another daughter who thinks she is a ballerina. As she twirls around so gracefully, she losses her balance and falls into a chair hitting her foot pretty hard. She is not sure if she should laugh or cry, she waits to see if I will react, I pretend to not see it, and she hobbles away with a frown. She then sits down and starts to giggle (these are the crazy, indecisive emotions we deal with.) Our 6 year daughter is somewhere outside this room, which can be scary. She loves to clean and organize. For most people, they'd think this is great, well it is, except when you go to find Excedrin for you husbands sever headache, and find it in the spice cabinet, or she cleans your mother-in-laws bathroom only to hear a shatter. Yep, she broke an aroma therapy glass bowl. OPPS!! My three year old is now coming in the room wearing her third outfit of the day and complaining about her older sister being mean. In the distance I hear one daughter telling her younger sister to leave her alone because she is trying to read, the 7 year old daughter sees this as the perfect opportunity to pester her so the argument begins. Thank God my infant is sleeping, However it wont last too long before one of the girls will wake her up. I guess the best way to handle the emotions is to tune it out and let them handle their own issues because in about 10 min. they will all be getting along again and all I'll hear is the joyous sound of childish laughter. Oh and for all of you who also like to ask "So are you finished, or will you try for your boy?" Well, the answer is "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies- The truth remains to be seen."


Hunter said...

Haha !! lol DRAMA !! lol

Kim said...

welcome to blogland Shawna!! I see Edyn and Ashley are a lot more alike than I thought. You have a vicious cycle of laundry in her room? mostly clean yet not in the drawers, because she has changed her mind on what she wants to wear 14 times in the first hour she is awake? I relate!! You are awesome, I just can't wait till they are all teenagers :)

Carly said...

Shanwna with 4 girls there is enough drama and "clothes sharing issues" for me to deal with! I really don't see how you do it with 7 girls! Just wait till they grow up! Its even more fun :) Welcome to Blogland :)

Katie Booker said...

I'm so glad to see you on the "blogging world". I have wanted to see all of your beautiful girls so please post pictures!
You are an INCREDIBLE mom to keep up with 7 girls!