Thursday, November 6, 2008

OH MY!! What a Shock

Here is the proof.

Well Folks, looks like I'll be changing my Blog title to...
1 KING 1 Queen 7 Princesses and 1 Prince.
Yep, It is 100% Boy. No denying it. The King is so proud, and knew it the whole time. The Queen is in shock and just knew it was a girl.
Looks like I'm in need of a boy name. Any ideas?


Vonney said...

congrats!!! I know you have waited for this for a long time!! Gods sense of humor is grand!!!(;

James Wilder said...

We are so excited for you guys!! When we got the text you would have thought we were having the child ourselves...haha. Boy names...hmmmm.... let us think about that. I'm sure you've thought of some names by now too. Make sure it's extremely masculine to offset all those girls... something like Bruce. lol

Love you.

James & Em

aLLi said...

OMW!! i cant believe it! Congrats so excited ot see what he looks like!!!:)

Carly said...

Aw congrats Shawna and Cameron!! I am so happy for the both of you =)
As far as baby idea lol. Thats the last thing on my mind!

Kim said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you. Hmmmm..boy names, well, considering I already took the two best ones that is a hard choice! just kidding, I am sure you'll think of an excellent name, you're very creative!

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

Congrats on the boy! Wow, he is gonna have to be a daddy's boy to survive in a house with all those girls! ;o)

Good luck picking a name!

Jessica N. said...

YAY! Have fun picking a name. That was always my favorite part.

Sammy's Blog said...

OMW!!! That is so crazy awesome :)
Sharaya text me and I was so shocked!! Umm...let me think.. boy names... I like Dillon, Gage, Taylor, Ashton, Tanner.

Janell said...

AGGGGHHHHH!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! WOW!!! I'm sooo happy for you! Congrats! Goodness, he's going to be one spoiled baby isn't he?! LOL!
Ok, names...let's see: I agree with James on the masculine part! The boy little guy is going to need it! hahaha!
well, is a super cool website. (I know this because it gives the meanings of names and I've looked up all my names and my friends' names) You can search by name-meaning, alphabetically, create your own name, etc. It's pretty cool! I plan on using it in a couple years ;)
Keep us updated! This is great! =)

Benjamin Vandiver said...

I like Bob... Bob Waage.

Lorna said...

hey!!!!! im soooo excited for you!!

i was thinking off sumthin like Micheal or drake........luv ya!!!!!

love lots,
lorna allen

Lorna said...

OMW!!!!!SHAWNA!!!!!im sooooo excited for you!!!!!Well as far as boy names i was thinkin of sumthin like drake or micheal....good luck deciding jk jk jk lol!!! =)

luv lots,

lorna allen

robbins nest said...


Brooke Morgan said...

WOW! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! See? God knew exactly what he was doing!

Chandra said...

Aww! Congratulations!!!! However, I veto Ben's name idea! :o)
(P.S. I met you a few years ago w/ Mieshia during No Limits Conf. When we went to your house I was amazed at how awesomely organized you were! I think there may have been 5 princesses then!)

Lorraine Bertram said...


You need a rough tough, no nonsense name. (No offense, but the Bob....yuck. LOL)

Start reading Louis Lamour.....maybe you'll get inspired.

Love you guys!

Bettina said...

I'm sooooo excited for you Shawna!!!! he he!!!! God is so good! Hmmm names....yeah I agree with Chandra and Sis. Lorraine....Bob...yuck! Maybe CJ? he he! Cameron Jr....j/k! I'm sure you'll come up with one!!! It's got to be different, like the girls!! Hey! Craig has an idea! Reider? or Scooter? I don't know! I took the best one out there :)

We love you and are very excited for you!!! Soon Dalton will have a playmate when all the kids are together!

mimannunez said...

i am so happy for u 2! you guys rock! and seven is a kool name for a boy.
i love mucho

Katie Booker said...

Wow..Isn't God so amazing! After all your BEAUTIFUL finally get your Prince!! He will be loved and SPOILED beyond belief by all the Mommies in the house.

Maybe you can use some of the boys names I didn't get to use:

I'm sure you will come up with a good one!

Kari said...

Wow Shawna...I can't believe it...well now that you figured out how to get a boy you'll have to have a couple more!!! Just won't have trouble finding the perfect neme, you always do! Hey I kinda like Ben's suggestion...ha.

Janell said...

I second Lorraine B's advice! Louis L'Amour books have the coolest names! =)

Janell said...

ps. Love you and miss you guys!

CaMeRoN said...

i think that bob would be a good name but since you don't like that one then you should name him Hector... that would be beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna: Cameron told me about your blog, and I thought I'd come to visit. What a beautiful job you've done. And congratulations on your soon-to-be arrival of Prince _______. It's hard to believe that the little boy who stood up in our wedding 29-1/2 years ago is now the proud papa of 7 beautiful girls and a boy on the way. How about Caspian or Lancelot? I'm sure whatever name you both decide on will be a good one. Blessings to you both!

Karen Mester

Anonymous said...

congrats shawna.. i dunno any good names.. pick something cool, like all your other babies!

Will-I-Am said...

You should name him NYACK: it's african for "won't give up" :D