Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missing My Babies

Today, I'm feeling lonely. Both of my older girls are gone and I miss them. They are having Fun in The Sun, in beautiful San Diego CA. They are also going to The Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. My all time FAVORITE thing to do, is spend time with my babies. ALL of them. When one is missing, I know it and feel incomplete. I have two missing right now and am beside myself sad. Sharaya, Hunter and I LOVE to laugh. We share many fond memories like, laughing so hard and hiding behind display cases at Smart and Final just so we could get a picture of this crazy guy that weighed about 450lbs. That wasn't bad, after all, I'm over weight too. The bad part (picture worthy)was, he was wearing tiny shorts with a midriff top that showed off about 8 inches of belly. He also sported knee high socks and a tight beanie to top it off. Why he was buying 100 rolls of toilet paper and cheese is beyond me. I guess the Good Lord sent this angel to us because he knew we needed a good laugh.
I could sit her all day long with stories to tell, but Beaudrick is calling for me, I need to put dinner on the grill, and the girls are begging to go to the park. By the Way, Beaudrick is scheduled for surgery July 28th please keep him in your prayers.
To Sharaya and Hunter, if you read this, have loads of fun, create funny memories that we can laugh about, and be ready to party when you get home. I Cant wait to pop some corn and stay up all night laughing. Love You Both, Mom

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Nancy said...

What fun! Laughter is good for the heart....