Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beau is Home

Well, we are pleased to say, the Lil Man is home and is doing quite well. Our morning started off at 6:00 am. We had to be at Sutter Memorial Hospital by 7:00am. After we arrived, we began the registration process. Mar came and brought Daddy Mc Donalds and stayed until after the surgery. Mema came to be with Daddy and Mommy too. Auntie Rahni and Auntie Darcie were also there. They were all a big comfort to Daddy and Mommy. Sister Young and the rest of the church ministry prayed for me. Jesus helped us all. Dr. Wong did a GREAT job. I love my new lips and cant stop playing with them. Guess what? I can now blow raspberries (bubbles). My nose look perfect too. Dr. Wong said I would continue to swell over the next few days, but then I should look beautiful. Once again, Daddy and Mommy took over 100 pictures of me before the surgery and after. Mommy will continue to update my blog while I rest. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the new me. Love you all. and THANKS to every one who prayed, and especially to Jesus for hearing and answering the prayers.

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Joy Howse said...

WOW, I can not believe he is home already!! PTL. I have been thinking about him and the entire family all day and lifting you all up in my prayers. Thanks for the update.