Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School

Here are the girls on their first day back to school. Alaena, Braeden and Kidron were excited to take a picture with their wonderful principal Mr. Burke. The twins are now in 3rd grade and once again were put into separate classes ARGH!!!! Kidron is in 2nd grade and just adores her teacher Mrs. Beckner.
Sharaya is hard at work doing 11th 12th and college this year. This was her idea and she is VERY determined to complete all work with high grades. You Go Girl!!!!
Hunter is now in 8th grade and VERY motivated. She wakes up on her own, cleans her room, eats breakfast, gets dressed, and is at the table by 9:00am. Must I also mention she is so excited about her work, she is working ahead of herself. YEAH Hunter!!!!
Edyn wants so bad to go to Kindergarten but she is only 4. I decided (I know, I'm crazy) to home school her this year. She is AMAZING. She writes her own name on all her papers, recognizes all her letters, numbers, and colors. She is very much ready for school. Her vocabulary is astonishing. I guess this has to do with having older siblings. I predict she will be reading, writing, and adding by the end of this school year. Mommies Proud of you Baby!!!
Seylum is not in school, but has made a HUGE accomplishment over the last three weeks. She is potty training herself. She wear panties, climbs on the toilet, goes potty, uses toilet paper, flushes, then washes her hands. The only thing I had to teach her was how to climb the cabinets to wash her hands. She did the rest on her own. Your a big girl now!!!
For Cameron and myself, we started working out together. He has lost 15 pounds and I've lost 10 in the past 4 weeks. I LOVE working out and having my hubby as a partner makes it all the better. We also went on a $2.00 date. We went to Taco Bell and got 1 bean burrito fresco style each. Then we went to Elk Grove park and roller bladed for an hour. It was so much fun not to mention cheap. We have since decided to have active dates instead of food dates.. We are loving the change Thanks honey for making the change with me. I cant wait to go rafting with you this Saturday. We'll have buff arms in no time :-) LOL I Love You!!!


Joy Howse said...

Sounds like all of them are determined individuals. WTG!! It is so awesome to see our kiddos excelling and loving what they are doing. Wanna send Seylum this direction to potty train Aiden? I know he is only 17 months old and has some time to come but it would be nice to be out of diapers. he is slowly starting to understand that he has a wet or dirty diaper and comes to me. Only a matter of time before we are diaper free... hopefully not too much time.

Sammy said...

So sweet! I love the Waage's!

Jenna said...

I love reading your blog! Thanks sooo much for sharing! I would love to know how you got your toddler to train herself, mine on the other hand says she loves her diapers! LOL, with one due in Nov, ive been pushing the potty training more and more, I do not remember my son being so difficult, he picked it up in 2 days with only 1 accident! May i ask where do you get your homeschool lessons from? I have a 2 and a 4 year old and know Homeschool is the route I need to take. Thanks so much, and God Bless!