Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone?

Wow! Has it really been 6 weeks since I blogged last? I guess I have been so busy with the girls, that Blogging was out of the question. Let me start where I left off, and update you all on our "Crazy Adventures". Sr. Camp with Sharaya was interesting to say the least. It all started when I arrived at the church to see that all the youth were accounted for and loading onto to bus. Well, the youth were there alright, and so was their luggage. For every person there, there was like 4 suitcases plus bedding. Poor Bro. Sargent was trying to figure out how to get their luggage to Sr. Camp. The Youth Dept. almost had to rent a Uhaul to pull their belongings. Then I had this "GREAT IDEA". Hey, I'm already driving my monster of a SUV, why not let someone drive and pull the trailer while their at it. So, Bro. Sargent was able to locate a trailer for free and guess who had to pull it? Yep, that would be me. Now you have to understand, I have NEVER done anything like this in my life. I was quite scared. I managed to get it there safely, but on the way, someone in my SUV just had to stop to use the Ladies Room. No Names, LOL, So we got separated from the bus (which I was following). Then, the funniest thing happened. As I was driving, I noticed a lady taking a picture of the back of my SUV with the trailer. I realized what was so impressive to her. She noticed my "Family" of stickers on my window showing we had 7 Princesses and thought the trailer full of luggage was for our family. As she got even with the back window, I rolled it down and my dear Sharaya took a photo of her. The funny thing is, That will really be us someday if all my princesses follow in their older sister's steps:)
So Sr. Camp came and went, then Jr. Camp came. What a BLAST!!! I had so much fun, I think Tishauna and I have all the young girls wanting to go to Jr. Camp next year. We "Snuck Out" every night with a ton of girls. We wont mention all the things we did, because we don't want to give ourselves away, but can we say "6 Boxes of Saran Wrap" LOL.
When we arrived back home from Jr. Camp, my King and I decided it was time to rent a home. We have so many "fond" memories of the "Trailer Life", but it was time. So we rented a home and have been very busy with trying to get settled in. It is not a 6 bedroom like we currently own, but it is WAY bigger then a 30 ft travel trailer. We are loving the home.
The first week that we moved in, Sharaya and I wrestled. I wont say who won, But she is tough. Then I finally decided to break Hunter in, WOW!!! was I impressed. That girl can hold her own. I was afraid of hurting her, now I'm afraid she might hurt me :) Sharaya and Hunter then wrestled and to save their pride, I'll keep the winner to myself. It was a very good match. The King then decided to wrestled me. The little girls were very worried and begged Daddy to not hurt me (this is the good thing about having all girls, my support group is HUGE) well, daddy took it easy on me, because at the count of 3, I just laid down and played dead LOL. Well, ok, not really, I didn't just lay down, I didn't stand a chance against my hunk. Then again, why would I want a man that I could wrestle down HA HA. Ok, so I cant win him, but I can get him back. I convinced him, that it would be better to let me wax his facial hair. I would save him a couple days of shaving. After much thought, he sat down to the "Torture Chamber" of my waxing. I first prepped him with my soothing Pre-Hon solution, then I rubbed his mustache down with the warm honeyed waxed. Next, I put the linen strip over the wax and rubbed it for about 20 secs, My sweet hunk just sat there with his eyes shut enjoying the pampered moment, then WAH-LAH, I pulled the strip, His eyes flew open as he shouted " OOOWWWHHH, That had to be the most painful thing in the World". He then wondered if I had removed his upper lip entirely. What a MAN! The really funny part, is, it didn't even work. I was laughing SSSOOO hard. It put me in such a crazy mood, I was easily influenced into waxing Hunters brows. I couldn't believe, after being a witness to this torture, that she'd still want me to wax her brow. So I gave in. After I did it, she looked so beautiful and way to old, that I told her, she'd have to wait until she was 13 to wax again. Now that is torture, but hey she is my baby still, and I cant have 2 of my princesses grown up, 1 is bad enough. By the way, whoever said raising teens was so bad, never had my girls, and didn't like to have fun. The teen years are so much fun. Except when you get conned into taking 3 teens to Wal Mart at 12:30 am looking like Rainbow Bright herself with nothing matching and about 30 hair bows in their hair. These girls are are so much fun. I cant wait for the next laugh.


Vonney said...

hahaa! I can just imagine Cameron and the wax story! haha! You're writing is great! You make me laugh! (: lol

Carly said...

lol Shawna your story had me laughing! You have such a sweet, beautiful family :) Welcome back to blogging ;)

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Kari said...

OMW your post is hilarious! I can totally imagine every hing you've described. What a delightful zoo you have going!!! Luv n' miss u guyssoooo much!!!