Monday, August 18, 2008


Sharaya is home. YEAH!!! She had a blast at PEAK. We are so happy she was able to go, but as she was there, she was asked several times for her phone number. I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet so, I thought I'd drop a line (and a song) to all the boys out there :) I hope you enjoy :)
While Sharaya was gone, we took our girls to Fairytale Town. We met a very nice couple who were on a "Grandparents Outing" with their grandson. They noticed we had 5 girls. Braeden and Alaena corrected them with the comment that we actually have 7 girls. The woman couldn't believe we had been blessed with 7 daughters, and then said, I had to listen to this song "Cleaning This Gun". Well, I did, and fell in love with it. I have no clue who this guy is, I've never heard of him before, but he has a GOOD point. Especially with a teenage daughter, who can't date for another 8 years, This is just a pre warning to all the boys. She is staying focused on her school, as her parents, we stay focused on her "surroundings". By the way, this goes for all our Princesses. And with 2 very protective Daddies, I actually feel sorry for them. LOL. Them Boys don't stand a chance. At least for 8 more years. Until then, I'll hold them close and party with them like there is no tomorrow. LOVE you girls.
Oh yeah, before I forget, The SUV didn't really die, but thanks for the push, it saved me about $5.00 of diesel and gave me a side aching laugh. You are the BOMB!!!
And for Sharaya and Sammy, hopefully Hunter, Stephanie, and I didn't toilet paper you too bad last night :) HA HA


This & That said...


That Bitler boy from 'Bama needs to hear that song! =P

We all had a blast... good times!!

Carly said...

lol this is great Shawna! I'll have to show my dad this one ;)

Janell said...

Hey Shawna, great blog!!! =) Your girls are SO cute! And you're song here is should just tell them to do what I did! The very first date Aydin and I had together, we went to lunch and then I took him home to meet my parents! The poor guy started perspiring and said, "Now?! Meet your dad NOW?!" I said, "Sure! Let's see what you're made of! Just kidding!" But I wasn't really kidding, and he handled it great!! Hahaha!!
Your girls are're probably going to get tired of seeing so many guys come over when they grow up! =)