Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Seylum Rhys

My baby is 1. How did this happen? wasn't it yesterday Daddy placed her in my arms? Now she is full of laughs and PERSONALITY. This little girl is something else. She doesn't like hair bows, shoes, or baby food. She thinks she is as old as the other girls, and she expects them to just hand the toys over to her at the slightest peep.
She also doesn't like anything that restraints her, example, high chair, car seat, swing. Oh no, this baby wants to be on the move. Seylum is a Daddy and Mommy's girl. She sleeps in our room now, in her own bed of course, and every morning I'm greeted with a huge toothy grin. It is at this time, that she wants some cuddle time. We love you baby, Happy 1st Birthday.


Kim said... are blessed Shawna, with 7 beautiful girls. And Seylum is a little love! Happy Birthday Seylum!

Vonney said...

Sweet little Seylum! She is such a pretty cuddle baby!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Seylum! You are such a joy to have in Sunday School, so cute and lovable!